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Bash Street Theatre (Great Britain)

Bash Street Theatre is a street theatre that combines circus, comedy without words and live music. It was founded in 1991 and since the premiere of their first spectacle at Les Arts dans la Rue in Morlaix (France) it has been invariably popular with the audiences all over the world. That first performance, a compilation of sketches in a comic style with an incredibly swift action began and defined the characteristic style of the company.


Teatr Pantomimy Mimo

Teatr Pantomimy Mimo (Poland)

Mimo Theatre was established in 2002 by Bartłomiej Ostapczuk as a one-man theatre, but it was soon transformed into a company. The group’s artistic experiments resulted in creating their unique dramatic language, in which the artists are trying to combine the elements of art introduced by the key creators and reformers of modern mime. In their work Mimo Theatre is trying to express the essence of feelings and emotions, and they do not shun absurd. They observe the rules of mime, but they accept no limits – their only limits are the limits of their imagination.


Teatr Ósmego Dnia

Teatr Ósmego Dnia (Poland)

Teatr Ósmego Dnia (The Theatre of the Eighth Day) is one of the most important alternative theatres in Poland. In communist times it was famous as an opposition theatre. The artists are well known for their uncompromising attitude, social engagement and treating theatre as a meeting place where people can discuss contemporary problems. The history of the “Eights” goes back to the independent stream of student theatre (at the beginning the company existed as the Student Poetry Theatre of the “Eighth Day”). The theatre was established in 1964 by a group of students from the Polish Language and Literature Department of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. In 1960s and 1970s the group shaped the Polish off-theatre – with an emphasis on counterculture, and social and political involvement. In 1979 the company began to work as a professional theatre, but after six years it formally closed down. The members of the company continued to actively participate in the activities of independent artistic groups and Polish democratic opposition. Because of repressions in the 1980s most of the actors emigrated to Italy, only to return to Poland after the political breakthrough in 1989.


Teatr Klinika Lalek

Teatr Klinika Lalek (Poland)

Teatr Klinika Lalek was founded in 1988 at the Puppetry Department of Wrocław Theatre School. While they were still students the artists produced four performances, including two open-air spectacles and they created their manifesto called Med-Art that was followed up with happenings and expressed a desire to cure the art. In 1991 the company moved to Wolimierz, a small village in Pogórze Izerskie. Since then the company has been a wandering puppet theatre. As the company moved to Wolimierz, the core of the theatre was created and the same artists lead the group today: Joanna Jemiołka Wiktorczyk and Krzysztof Wiktor Wiktorczyk.
In 1991 the members of the theatre started the Foundation to Support Alternative and Ecological Cultures, whose main aim is supporting ecological activities, promoting art, as well as initiating and coordinating ecological actions in the village of Wolimierz. Besides, the Foundation supports Teatr Klinika Lalek.

Since 1993 the theatre company has had its own building – a former railway station “Wolimierz Station”, where with time the artists have transformed dilapidated rooms into a puppet workshop, a gallery, a cafe, guest rooms, space for art and music workshops, and a theatre hall with a technically advanced stage. An old railway platform in front of the building has been transformed into an open-air stage.


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