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"Kalos Kaghatos" Teatr AKT | foto: Sylwia Zawadzka "Kalos Kaghatos" Teatr AKT | foto: Sylwia Zawadzka

Teatr AKT (Poland)

Teatr AKT was founded in 1990 in the Stodoła Student Club in Warsaw, and since 1991 it has operated as an association. The core of the company is made up of mime actors – the theatre had grown from the tradition of the Polish school of mime, but it soon started to create its own dramatic language. Experience gathered in the streets forced the actors to vary their means of expression. The basis of their work is still mime, gesture, and image, but it is complemented by the elements of circus, dance and all kinds of acrobatics.

For many years Teatr Akt has been the only representative of Warsaw at street theatre festivals in Poland and abroad. The group has regularly participated in theatre festivals in Poland, but also in Germany, Slovenia, Belgium, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Hungary. The company has won numerous prizes, including Grand Prix for The Stories about the Wind at the Małe Zderzenie Teatrów Festival in Kłodzko, the Audience Award at A Part Festival in Katowice for Śmietnik spectacle, the Golden Mask at MFTU in Chojnice, the Award of the Culture Foundation at Teatr w Walizce Festival for The Steadfast Tin Soldier, Grand Prix for Fenix at Dionizje in Ciechanów. Teatr Akt represented Polish art at the Polish Art and Culture Days in London, Paris, Leipzig and Vitebsk.
Since 2010 the theatre has had its own building in Olszynka Grochowska near Warsaw, at 9 Łaziebna Street, where they prepare their performances for wandering tours and carry out local artistic projects..

Date and place of presentation

23 June 8 p.m. Rynek Nowego Miasta, Teatr AKT "Kalos Kaghatos"

Kalos Kaghatos

is a street performance at the borderline of two disciplines: theatre and sport, it reaches back to the ancient tradition of combining art and sports events. The idea of the spectacle is presenting the phenomenon of a game – a common feature of art and sport, which lets us move to another reality and look for new spaces. A distinguishing mark of a game is the confrontation with the spectator and the outer world. It is essential for both street theatre and football. Elements of football training practice, and scenes from the playing field have been transformed into a dramatic vision that uses the language and aesthetics of dance and movement theatre. The sketch of the figures of football players, fans, and the referee became a starting point for reflections on the physical and psychological condition of man.

The ancient Greek idea of ‘kalos kaghatos’ – beautiful and good – realises the ideal of a human being characterised by a harmony of complete soul and body virtues. It is not only winning that counts. What is important first and foremost is the moral stance – struggling both with the rivals as well as with one’s own weaknesses.

From company materials:
The spectacle meets social expectations and connects quite distant groups and situations. It breaks the barriers between two seemingly different areas of human activity, brings them together and changes the way they are perceived /…/ The means of expression are a combination of different artistic forms – street theatre with elements of mime and movement theatre, dance, video art, and visual art, enriched with dramatised interpretation of football activity.
Kalos Kaghatos is a continuation of sports inspirations of Teatr Akt. It originated at the football match happening by Sports Association in 2008 (a part of Warszawska Ofensywa Teatralna Czarna Offca).

Idea and project coordination: Marek Kowalski

Cast: Marta Suzin, Agnieszka Musiałowicz, Karolina Banaszek, Marek Kowalski, Tomasz Musiałowicz, Janusz Porębski, Krzysztof Skarżyński
Lighting: Adam Sztorc
Sound: Heniek Małolepszy

Premiere – 16 December 2011, open air premiere – 2012.


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