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Le Cirque du Platzak - Kermiz

Le Cirque du Platzak "Kermiz" | źródło: www.cirqueduplatzak.com Le Cirque du Platzak "Kermiz" | źródło: www.cirqueduplatzak.com

Le Cirque du Platzak (the Netherlands)

Le Cirque du Platzak – a Dutch music and circus group practicing New Circus. They combine folk music with traditional and innovative circus techniques. The company was founded in 2007 as a music band and performed at music festival in Holland and abroad. For fun, they started cooperation with a bunch of circus students from ACaPA (Academy for Circus and Performance Art) in Tilburg. This collaboration was successful and the reactions of the public and professional critics were very positive. The success encouraged the artists to produce full-scale spectacles and create their own unique style with comedy, dynamic absurd sounds and a wide range of circus tricks. Le Cirque du Platzak uses balance, acrobatics, fire, balls and self-made clubs, a rope, a rolling globe, a cloud-swing, aerial plastic, bottle balance, acro-dance, fakirism and clowning arts.

Since its creation in 2011, Le Cirque du Platzak has played over 180 times across Europe and reached more than 70,000 visitors in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Spain, Slovakia, UK, Luxemburg and Hungary. The artists come from Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France and other countries.

Date and place of presentation

30 June 9 p.m., Park Szczęśliwicki, Le Cirque du Platzak "Kermiz"

 1 July 9 p.m., Park Szczęśliwicki, Le Cirque du Platzak "Kermiz"


a family show with acrobatics and live music. Rough folk sounds create a rhythmic background for exciting circus acrobatics, with the atmosphere of the old and the new circus.
It is an adventure as if from a child’s dream, but it is not a sweet sentimental story, but rather a dark fairy tale from the Grimm Brothers’ collection.
A guy with a fascination for lawnmowers, a temperamental Italian aerialist fighting with a Spanish toreador, a trumpeter on a slack rope, and a German acrobat with a fascination for staplers. These are just some of the eccentric characters from the twelve-man collective of Le Cirque du Platzak. The performance reveals the peculiarities of each individual, and the power of the whole team.

From company materials:
At first sight, everything suggests that Kermiz is a traditional circus show, but from the second circus act it seems clear that we are dealing with a troupe of circus artists, each controlling their discipline in a particular way. By balancing on her hands, on canes and bottles, the gypsy belly dancer is admired and adored by all, but especially by a lovely but clumsy clown. He has a crush on her and does everything to draw her attention. Unfortunately for him, in this quest for attention and love, the Don Juan of the show stands in his way: he’s handsome, strong and there’s nothing he doesn’t know how to do. In addition, he is loved by all women, including the diva… An acrobat, lively and full of temperament floats in the air and might show you her dangerous sight. The musicians, being the artistic and musical partners of the acrobats, infiltrate ‘Kermiz’. Le Cirque du Platzak know how to amuse the audience by creating an amusing and vicious atmosphere. Each character has its history, its peculiarities and shortcomings. In short, it’s a varied group of people. Kermiz takes you to a world where anything is possible. It’s a compelling and intriguing show full of acrobatics, accompanied by the musicians of the Platzak orchestra. Kermiz offers unpretentious, but fascinating and theatrical entertainment for all ages.

„Surprising, multi-faceted, raw, burlesque… There aren’t adjectives enough to describe the way this circus will overwhelm your senses.”
De wereld morgen, Saturday, 28th July 2012

Director: Adrian Schvarzstein

Cast: Aurora Jara Gutiérrez, CristianFierro, DavideSalodini, KatleenRavoet, Leila Koeckenberger, Sarita Martinez, RonnieSmit, Rein de Kok, Dion Vluggen, Sebastian Schlotzhauer, Thibault Gouin

Technician: Rutger van Groeninge


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